The conference program of the Agrifood Innovation Event consists of three parallel tracks: 3D Food Printing, Protein Transition, Vertical Farming and an exhibit.

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10:0010:10Welcome + Opening
Pieter Hermans, Jakajima
Welcome + Opening
Richard Bijlard, Technogation
Welcome + Opening
Mark Horler, UK Urban AgriTech
10:1010:35Rossella Caporizzi, Researcher, University of Foggia, on 'Modifying taste perception and mastication behaviour with innovative 3D food architectures, Read more
Petra Vossenberg, Fieldlab liaison officer R&D, Sustainable Food Initiative, on 'Sustainable and healthy proteins', Read moreMartin Tietema, CEO, Growfoam, on 'Biopolymer substrates. The way forward for CEA', Read more

10:3511:00Ricardo Uribe-Alvarez, PhD student, Teagasc, Ireland, on 'Adapting the curdling process of cheese for 3D printing of protein-fortified milk.', Read moreKeshia Broucke, Research associate, ILVO, on 'Partial substitution of pork meat by (extruded) pea protein products to obtain high-quality cooked sausages', Read more Theo Tekstra, Technical Director, Fluence EMEA, on 'Success Factors for Vertical Farming', Read more
11:0011:25Ahmed Fahmy, Researcher, University of Hohenheim, Germany, on 'Texture control and modulation of 3D food assemblies: bubble distributions for altering the deformation behavior', Read moreMoayad Abushokhedim, CEO - Food Scientist, Fooditive Group, on 'CASEIN: the secret to a tasty plant-based future', Read moreKristina Ljumovic, PhD, University of Verona, on 'New level of agriculture through robotics, artificial intelligence and human knowledge'
11:2511:50Bart van Hensbergen, Research & Development Team Lead, Revo Foods, on '3D printing the Seafood of the future', Read moreShlomit Suher, Researcher, Redefine Meat, on 'A scientific approach for developing plant-based whole-cut meat', Read moreStefan van de Voort, Plant specialist City Farms, Signify, on 'Making vertical farming fruitful and colourful', Read more
11:5012:15Round Table DiscussionPaola Giavedoni, Innovation Director. EIT Food, on 'Addressing food-system challenges through protein diversification: the EIT food approach', Read moreRound Table Discussion
Lunch Break + Visiting Exhibit
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Session powered by TNO / DFPI:
3D Food Printing meets Protein Transition
Session powered by Fieldlab Vertical Farming Zuid Holland
Richard Bijlard, Technogation
Pieter Hermans, Jakajima
Kjeld van Bommel, Senior Consultant 3D Food and Pharma Printing, TNO, on '3D printing technology and how it can help create plant based foods', Read more
Gemma Tacken, Senior Market Researcher, Wageningen Economic Research, on 'Consumer perception of vertical farming', Read more
Bei Tian, Scientist in plant proteins and product development, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, on 'Plant-based food structured by 3D printing: Opportunities and challenges', Read more
Isabella Righini, Researcher, Wageningen University & Research, businessunit Greenhouse Horticulture, on 'Protein plant factories: producing and steering soybean protein content in indoor farming', Read more
Marine Coré Baillais, Founder, La Pâtisserie Numérique / The Digital Patisserie, on '3D Food Printing meets Protein Transition', Read more
Caterina Carpineti, Researcher Vertical Farming and advanced cultivation systems, Wageningen University & Research, businessunit Greenhouse Horticulture, on 'Innovation and Demonstration for a competitive Dutch Vertical Farming sector', Read more
Break + Visiting Exhibit
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Room 0.06
Session powered by Gastronology
Food innovation in Health care
Session powered by Farm Tech Society
CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) - addressing the protein transition imperative
Pieter Hermans, Jakajima
Thomas Zoellner, Co-Founder / Secretary-General, FarmTech Society
Peter Nieuwkerk, Founder, Gastronology, 'The power of 3D Food printing', Read more
Mark Horler, Co-Founder, The Soya Project / Chairman, UK Urban AgriTech, on 'CEA Protein Imperative: Possibilities, Opportunities & Challenges', Read more

Kristel Kalkers, health psychologist / science practitioner, MIJZO Care Center, on '3D Food printing: experiences and expectations from long-term care'
Lilly Manzoni, Head of Research and Development, Lettus Grow, on 'How Controlled Environment Agriculture can aid the protein transition', Read more

Lu Zhang, Assistant Professor, Wageningen University & Research, 'A survey of dysphagia patients’ attitude towards 3D printing for food personalization', Read more
Hadrien Velge, CEO, ECLO,
'on Transforming waste into delicious food'
Ineke Obbema, dietitian, Maxima Medical Care Center, on '3D food printing at Medical Care Centers. Dreams, wishes and challenges', Read more
Victor Poncelet, Co-Founder, Wastech, 'On the pursuit of financially viable models in the protein transition', Read more
Drinks + Visiting Exhibit