Presentations to download – Day 2, AgriFood Innovation Event 2019

Below you can download the presentations in pdf format. Please note that not all speakers allowed us to publish their presentation.

Lenny van Erp-van der Kooij, Professor (UAS) Precision Livestock Farming, HAS University of Applied Sciences, More information

Mathijs de Schipper, Research Scientist/Innovator Additive Manufacturing, TNO, on ‘Towards personalized nutrition with 3D food printing, Download presentation

Vik Vandecaveye, Manager Advanced Data Analysis and Application Development, CNH Industrial, Belgium, on “IoF2020: Interoperability for Internet of Agriculture”, Download presentation

Giuseppe Scionti, CEO & Founder, NOVAMEAT, Spain, on “3D printing the world’s first plant-based beefsteak”, More information;

Jeroen Burks, Founder,, on ‘What do Greenhouses and Datacenters have in common?’, Download presentation

Roisin Burke, Senior Lecturer in Culinary Science and Food product Development, Technological University Dublin (formerly Dublin Institute of Technology), Ireland, on “3D Printed Note by Note Foods: Customising and Personalising Foods to Meet the Growing Markets of the Future”, Download presentation

Andre Fabris, Executive Director, AppsForce, United Kingdom, on “Future of Farming – Animus”, Download presentation

Duo presentation: Jeroen van der Graaf, Creative Innovation Manager, Verstegen Spices & Sauces B.V., The Netherlands, on “Scaling up customised production with 3D Food Printing and standard fillings in the Food Service Market”

Duo presentation: Nina Hoff, CEO & Co-Founder, byFlow, on “Scaling up customised production with 3D Food Printing and standard fillings in the Food Service Market”, More information;

Grégoire Hummel, CEO, PHENOSPEX – Smart technologies for plant analysis, The Netherlands, on “The power of combining 3D with multispectral information for indoor farming”, More information;

Sergio Ooijens, Head of International Marketing and Communications, Lely, on “The dairy farm in 2025”, Download presentation

Jonathan Blutinger, PhD Candidate, Columbia University, Creative Machines Lab, USA, on “Laser cooking: re-imagining the culinary experience”, Download presentation

Judith Roelofs, Senior lecturer animal husbandry, HAS Hogeschool, on “Sensor technology in dairy farming – practical research and applicability”, More information

Rob van de Langenberg, Lecturer/Advisor Food Innovation, HAS Hogeschool/University of Apllied Sciences, on “3D Business Cases – applied research at HAS Hogeschool”, Download presentation

Atilla Erdődi, Founder & CTO, Serket, The Netherlands, on ‘Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence in Livestock Production!’, More information

Sicong Zhu, PhD Candidate, Wageningen University & Research, on “3D printing: relationship between printability of ingredients and its rheological properties

Professor Luca Simone Cocolin, University of Torino, Italy, on “Use of innovative ingredients in poultry feed to tackle modern challenges in food systems: the Innopoultry project”, Download presentation

Benedikt Daschner, Founder chocolate³, on “Possibilities and limitations of 3D-Printing chocolate”, Download presentation

Ine van der Fels-Klerx, Expertisegroup leader Agrochains, Wageningen Food Safety Research , The Netherlands, on “MyToolbox decisions support for mycotoxin prevention and control along the chain”, Download presentation

Willy Detiger, Owner, Detiger Bos & Boom verzorging, on “Humidity as basis, measuring is knowing”, Download presentation