Presentations to download – Day 1, AgriFood Innovation Event 2019

Below you can download the presentations in pdf format. Please note that not all speakers allowed us to publish their presentations

Leo Marcelis, Head of chair group Horticulture and Product Physiology, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, on “Vertical farming, a revolution in plant production”, Download presentation

Freddy Troost, Associate professor Food Innovation and Health Research, Maastricht University, on “The role of pre- and probiotics in intestinal barrier function”, Download presentation

Maartje van den Berg, Senior Analyst RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness, Rabobank, The Netherlands, on “Personalized Nutrition – Hype or Trend?”, Download presentation

Marcel Hendriks, Entrepreneur – project manager – business developer HENEDIO, More information

Nard Clabbers, Senior Business Developer Personalized Nutrition and Health, TNO, The Netherlands, on “Personalised Nutrition and the consumer of the future”, Download presentation

Jasper den Besten, Professor New Cultivation Systems, HAS University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands, on “Vertical farming developments”, Download presentation

Remzi Celebi, Postdoctoral Researcher, Maastricht University Institute of Data Science, on “AI and Data Science in Personalized Nutrition”, Download presentation

Cristian Toma, Co-Founder / CEO, Kalera, USA on “Vertical Farming: Catalyst for Customer Value Creation in the Hospitality Industry”, Download presentation

Geke Ludden, Associate Professor Interaction Design , University of Twente, on “Healthy eating and design – from behaviour change to system change”, More information

Celine C.S. Nicole, Research program manager horticulture, Signify, on “Sky high nutrition content in food production in vertical farming”, More information;

Simon Steverlinck, Activity Leader/ Project manager, SmartWithFood, Belgium, on “Nutrify (EIT SmartFoodLogging): The marketplace for health professionals”, Download presentation

Dafni Despoina Avgoustaki, PHD Fellow, Aarhus University, Department of Business Development and Technology, Denmark, on “Indoor Urban Farming, the Beginning of a Sustainable Era in Food Production. How We can Reduce the Energy Demand Cost”, More information;

Krizia Ferrini, Nutrition Specialist, cereneo Schweiz AG | center for neurology & rehabilitation, Switzerland on “Lifelong Food and Nutrition Assistance: LIFANA solution”, Download presentation

Arjen de Haan, Productmanager, Holland Plug International, on “Modern farming – smart organic growing”, Download presentation

Raymond Nolet, Managing Director, MiFood – personalised nutrition, on “Personalised nutrition”, More information;

Lieven De Maesschalck, Innovation Manager, Mobilab / Thomas More, Belgium, on “Future proof! A new adapted meal with full taste for people with swallowing problems to enjoy again”, Download presentation

Wythe Marschall, PhD Candidate, Harvard University, Department of the History of Science, on ‘Farming value beyond the economic: cases of social innovation through Controlled Environment Agriculture / Vertical Farming in New York City.’, Download presentation

Chang Liu, Co-Founder & Director, EGGXPERT, The Netherlands, on “Reveal the hidden value of eggshell membrane”, More information;