Day 2 – Agri-Food Innovation Event 2018 – Presentations to download

Below you can download the presentations during Day 1 of Agri-Food Innovation Event 2018 in .pdf format. Please note that not all speakers allowed us to publish their presentations.

Day 2, 28 June 2018

3d food printing conference program smart farming conference program
08:30 09:30

Welcome and Registration

3D Food Printing Session #1 Smart Farming Session #1
09:30 10:00 stephen homer program Stephen Homer, Materials Scientist, CSIRO, Australia, on “3D printing for personalised nutrition”, Download presentation dennis van der wiel program Dennis van der Wiel, CEO, Polariks, The Netherlands, on “How space technology and robotics can help make better wine”, Download presentation
10:00 10:30 martijn noort Martijn Noort, Scientist and Project Manager, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, on “Powderbased 3D food printing technologies”, Download presentation michael utkin program Michael Utkin, co-Founder / CEO, eFarmer, on ‘professional tractor navigation and precision farming’, Download presentation
10:30 11:00

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3D Food Printing Session #2 Smart Farming Session #2
11:00 11:30 Mary Scerra Mary Scerra, Food Technologist, US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, USA, on “Exploration of 3D food printing and its application for tailored military rations”, Download presentation Louis de Bruin Louis de Bruin, Blockchain Leader Europe, IBM Digital Operations, on “Blockchain: a powerful tool for creating trust in the food chain”, Download presentation
11:30 12:00 Kjeld Van Bommel, Senior Consultant, TNO, The Netherlands, on “3D food printing @ TNO: latest developments”, Download presentation
jan vet program Jan Vet, CEO, Sensite Solutions, on “No Food To Waste”, Download presentation
12:00 12:30 Eshchar Ben Shitrit conference program Eshchar Ben Shitrit, CEO & Co-Founder, Jet-Eat, Israel, on “The food Printing Manifesto”, Download presentation Thijs Verploegen Thijs Verploegen, Productmanager Deepfield Connect, Robert Bosch Start-up GmbH, Germany, on “From Robotics to IoT Bosch’s activities in the Smart Agricultural field”, Download presentation
12:30 14:00

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Masterclass 3D Food Printing with byFlow & Jan Smink

3D Food Printing Session #3 Smart Farming Session #3
14:00 14:30 Lu Zhang Lu Zhang, PhD Candidate, Wageningen University, on “3D printing of porous food structures contain Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1”, More information Arend Koekkoek Arend Koekkoek, Idea-x/ Campus Almkerk, on “Pixel Farming, farming in the digital era”, Download presentation
14:30 15:00 Patricia Bulsing program Patricia Bulsing, Senior Lecturer, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Nutrition and Dietetics bachelor degree programme, on “The psychology around 3D food printing: acceptance and perception”, Download presentation pieter hoenderken program Pieter Hoenderken, Het Internet Huis, on “IoT applications for farmers”, Download presentation
15:00 15:30

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3D Food Printing Session #4 Smart Farming Session #4
15:30 16:00 Antien Zuidberg Antien Zuidberg, Lector, HAS Hogeschool, on “3D food printing @ HAS Hogeschool”, Download presentation
geert hermans programn Geert Hermans, Project Leader / Business Developer, ZLTO, The Netherlands, on “ZLTO vision on Smart Farming and Big Data; What happens in the market and how and where are there opportunities for you!”, Download presentation
16:00 16:30 Valerie Vancauwenberghe Valerie Vancauwenberghe, PhD, Post-Doc, KU Leuven, MeBioS division, Belgium, on “Coaxial extrusion-based printing for designing foods having personalized properties”, Download presentation eva van rijsingen program Eva van Rijsingen, Natural Science Engineer, Blue Engineering BV, The Netherlands, on “Technology as a driver in biodiverse long-lasting productivity”, Download presentation
16:30 17:00 frist hoff program Frits Hoff, Director, FabLab Maastricht ‘Internet of Food, Bockchain and 3D Food Printing” lenny van erp program Lenny van Erp-van der Kooij, Professor (UAS) Precision Livstock Farming, HAS University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands, on “Precision Livestock Farming”, Download presentation
17:00 18:00

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