Where AgriFood meets Innovation

The AgriFood Innovation Event is a focused business, technology and research platform, unique in bringing together European and global companies from the entire agrifood supply chain (from farmer to enduser, with customers, producers, retailers and researchers). The location, Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, is in a region in which the agri-food business is one of the most productive, sustainable and profitable in the world; where food innovation is in the entrepreneurs’ DNA.

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Why visit?
To extent you knowledge and learn from experts from the industry, visit the two-day AgriFood Innovation Event!
The event includes:

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Who attends?
Food Industry | Food retail | Farmers | Growers | Agricultural industry | Technology suppliers (corporate, start-up) | System integrators | Governmental bodies (Local, Regional, National) | Project developers | Finance / Consulting | Food Logistics | Research institutes | Universities | NGO’s | and more

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